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As a Building Owner, it may seem a rather expensive inconvenience to have to deal with Party Wall matters when you just want to get on with your project. We try to keep things as simple and affordable as possible.

Remember, the Party Wall Act is a facilitative law, it is intended to enable you to do the work you want, not to prevent it starting. Look at our case studies to see what can go wrong.


Once we have reviewed your plans we would try to identify any possible problems. Once we have confirmed the fee to you and you have formally appointed us by letter, the process starts.


It is really important that the Notices served upon your neighbour are valid. Firstly land registry checks are made on the adjoining property to ensure that the correct owners names are obtained for the Notices. We recommend that you speak to your neighbour early in the process to let them know that notices are going to be arriving through their door.


Once they have the Notices, they should appoint their surveyor. In due course a record of the condition of their property is taken so that any damage caused can be easily identified.


A Party Wall Award document is then prepared, detailing the works, any precautions that must be taken and any other issues relating to the work.

The works proceed and the condition is then checked upon completion. Providing all is well, the matter is signed off, if there is any damage, this is listed and neighbour has the choice of having the repairs carried out by your contractor or taking compensation in lieu.


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