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If you are considering carrying out building works to your house that are close to the neighbouring property then the Party Wall etc Act 1996 may well influence your plans. The Act applies to you if you are carrying out any work that might affect the wall between you and your neighbour.


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There is a lot of very complex information available about the Act. We try to keep things consise and practical for you.


The Act requires that you send a party wall notice to notify the adjoining property owner well in advance of the works taking place.

The neighbour has to respond and in due course the two owners then appoint a surveyor to act for them. This can be the same surveyor, as the surveyor appointed has to be impartial under the Act, effectively working for the best interests of the wall. Ideally, neither should be involved with the building project.


Only a very few solicitors are specialists in this area of Law, so it is almost always the case that it is Chartered Surveyors that are appointed.

After inspection of the properties and reviewing the works a Party Wall Award document is then prepared, detailing the works, any precautions that must be taken and any other issues relating to the work.


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