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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 requires that homeowners can only do certain types of work to a party wall after they have firstly notified their adjoining owners and then either obtain their written consent or ensure that a Party Wall Award has been prepared. Some of the typical works are:


1) Building a new wall or raising an existing wall for an extension perhaps.

2) Excavating for new foundations or underpinning within a certain distance of a nearby structure, also excavating for a basement.

3) Cutting into a party wall, for example a steel beam end in a loft floor construction, or for new roof flashing extension

4) Cutting walls away from a party wall, such as chimney breast removal.
There are three different types of Notices depending on the works proposed, Party Structure Notice, 3m Notice or 6m Notice, Line of Junction Notice.


To avoid problems (look at our case studies) it is best to appoint a Party Wall specialist. We can check your plans and issue valid, correct party wall notices to ensure your project runs smoothly. We take care of all the paper work and will contact your neighbours.


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